Giclée printing or fine art printing is one of the best fine art digital print reproduction methods available.
It is a process that uses a high quality 12 color inkjet digital printer, acid free paper, and pigment based archival inks. This ensures that your prints will never degrade or yellow over time. Giclée printing allows the artist to provide a high quality museum grade product for their customers that will not fade, and you can enjoy a beautiful art print for the rest of your life.


A significant advantage of Giclée printing is that once an image is digitally created and saved, additional reproductions can be made with minimal effort and reasonable cost. Any subsequent prints made from the file will remain looking exactly the same as the first as we use calibrated profiles for the media so that there is no variation in colours or quality from day to day. Digital files do not degrade in quality as negatives and film tend to. Another advantage of Giclée printing is that digital images can be reproduced to almost any size and onto a vast range of print media, giving the artist or photographer the opportunity to customize prints for a specific client.

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FINE ART PAPER FOR giclée printing

The brand we use for our giclée printing is Hahnemuhle as it is considered the best for digital fine art printing and we agree. We use a selection of the most popular and widely used paper types in their fine art range. By using the finest quality paper and printing with 12 colour pigment inks you will be guaranteed to have the best looking digital art reproduction possible.

Photo Rag 308gsm

Hahnemuhle photo rag is a museum quality paper with an inkjet coating specially designed for inkjet fine art printing. It is 308gsm in weight, 100% cotton and has a light felt like texture with a natural white colour. The special matt inkjet coating and thickness of this paper combined with the 12 colour inks produces prints and posters of incredible quality with brilliant colours, rich blacks and strong contrast. This paper is acid and lignin free and meets the most stringent requirements for age resistance. Whether it is used for high end photography prints or fine art reproductions this paper is a great all rounder.



Giclee papier

Photo Rag Bright White 310gsm

Bright white photo rag by Hahnemuhle has the same characteristics as photo rag but with a much whiter appearance. It is very slightly heavier at 310gsm and has the same soft luxurious felt like appearance. It is also 100% cotton, acid & lignin free museum grade paper  This paper produces incredible prints of photographic and fine art high contrast images, meeting the highest archival standards. Perfect for producing limited editionprints, presentation prints, exhibition prints and portfolios.



German Etching 310gsm

Hahnemuhle German etching paper German Etching is a 100% α-cellulose matt paper, that guarantees the archival standards. It is a mould-made etching paper at 310gsm in weight that has a more textured surface than that of the photo rag. With its quality matt inkjet coating German Etching meets the highest quality industry standards regarding density, colour gamut, colour graduation and image sharpness while maintaining the touch and feel of traditional art paper. 



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Giclée print prices


Giclée printen Friesland

A fine art print or Giclée print is the next best thing to owning the original. Prints can be produced on-demand; print one or print one hundred the results will remain the same.
A wide variety of paper and finishes is available such as highly textured matt fine art paper, smooth fine art paper and glossy fine art paper.
Our Giclee prints are produced on the latest 12 colour pigment ink printers from Canon. Printed onto the highest quality archival paper they produce stunning looking prints with a wide tonal range and colour gamut.

Photographic prints produce rich blacks and bold vibrant saturated colours with our high quality paper range from Hahnemuhle.
Satin finish through to full gloss, the paper is available in different weights, finishes and colour – natural white & bright white.


Fotografische Giclee print


  • Create stunning museum quality limited edition or open edition fine art prints of your work.
  • Print on demand only as your edition sells, eliminating the cost of printing & holding stock.
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Limited edition art prints

Limited edition prints could sell for more due to their limited nature, making them more desirable and exclusive. Often signed and numbered by the artist.

Lemmy Motorhead Art Print

Open edition art prints

An open edition print could provide a steady stream of income as there are no limits to the amount produced but are usually priced lower. 


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Do you need to print out museum quality images for your next art exhibition, some high quality family photo prints or some posters printed for your next school or college project. Get in contact with us to see how we can help to get your beautiful images printed and seen.


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