Kunst op het werk

A bright creative workspace can make employees more productive, lower stress and increase wellbeing

Stimulating for Employees and appealing to your customers

Several studies have shown that art at work has a motivating and inspiring effect on employees, improving happiness and productivity and resulting in less sick leave. This effect is strengthened when employees have their own input in their environment and make their own contribution.

It is also important for companies to project the right image to their customers. And with a beautiful, distinctive piece of art on the wall it is of course easy to break the ice.

At King of Herrings art Printing we like to help you find the wall decoration for your company and to create the atmosphere you are looking for, whether you want to strengthen your company image or to create a stimulating environment for your employees.

We will work with you to find the artworks that suit the offices, meeting rooms, restaurant, corridors and other areas in your business.  And we will be happy to print artworks or photos made by your employees. Whatever your business branch, project size or budget, we can make your workplace an uplifting environment.

  • We will carefully print, hand-frame and deliver the artworks of your choice, ready to hang on the wall
  • From old masterpieces and less known treasures to emerging contemporary talent and limited editions by known artists
  • Friendly customer service

To inspire you we have some original collections on our website, ranging from natural subjects such as animals and landscapes to book illustrations, photography and abstract art.  We also understand if you would like to use artwork or photographs with specific relevance to your business and can help you with your search for the right artwork, or print out specific files or photographs you have in mind.

Depending on your preferences we can print these out as posters, photo’s or giclée prints, mount and deliver them to you in a frame of your choice.

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Fine Art Fotografie

winter forest photo print

Modern Art

Nigel - Dog Print by Phill Luland


the threatned swan

Outsider Art

outsider art


the threatned swan


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